Faculty and Staff


Teacher Cynthia is from the United Kingdom and has been teaching overseas for the last thirty years. Here latest posts have been at an International Baccalaureate (IB) school in the North East of Thailand. Previous to this she was the head of educational content for early years at a United World College School (UWC International School of Phuket).

She had advanced degrees in education including her PGCE and MA from Sunderland and advanced educational leadership from Harvard University in the United States.

Teacher Dan is from Canada and leads our school in the areas of personal development, entrepreneurship, public speaking and teamwork. Dan graduated with an Economics degree from Calgary, Alberta and has started a number of successful businesses overseas. He desires to teach children the skills they will need to succeed in the economy of 2030 and beyond.

Dan also has six children that attend the school. This adds to his commitment to ensure the children are receiving the best education possible.

Teacher Richard grew up in the UK where he completed his formal studies in education, going on to complete his PGCE Masters in International Education. Richard has a passion for teaching children to learn to learn and focuses on in depth inquiry based learning methods with children of all ages.

Teacher Richard was also working with UWC Phuket until recently in their technology department; focusing on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).

Teacher Benz is in charge of music and fine arts. Benz has a long history in music and has been playing and teaching professionally for the last 25 years. He teaches children of all ages with grace and patience.

Benz is able to teach children a range of instruments from piano and drums to bass, electric/acoustic guitar.

We believe that children learn much better when they are doing music weekly as it activates different areas of the brain enabling children to learn more thoughtfully and with better comprehension and retention.