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International curriculum

Challenging and inspiring students worldwide

Lighthouse begins with a Waldorf inspired program. Visit a Waldorf school and watch the students at play. You’ll see children who delight in being allowed to live in the moment, who are free to explore nature and to go where their wide-eyed sense of wonder and imagination takes them. In our frenetic world, where pushing children to “hurry up or fall behind” has become the norm, Waldorf Education takes the point of view that childhood is something to be savored. By being free to develop according to their own natural rhythms, Waldorf-educated children enjoy full and rich childhoods, gaining the experiences they need to become healthy, self-actualized individuals.

Our Waldorf inspired program begins with the foundations of allowing children to gravitate toward the subjects and projects that they most enjoy. When children are given three, or four good choices it allows teachers and parents to better understand the children when they make their choice. Projects often incorporate science, math, English, geography, history, engineering and technology. The children are able to decide how much of each discipline they will incorporate into their project. Some children may choose to draw, or create projects from materials, others may be drawn to power point, or other online presentation methods, some will choose to write an essay, or story, while others may want to build something, or do an experiment. Giving students these structured choices allows them to feel empowered in their education and helps to keep their love of learning growing. We are all born with a love of learning, sometimes school can impede that love, instead we seek to nurture that love and see it bloom in all it’s fullness.

Lighthouse uses the Cambridge international curriculum for examinations and standardized testing. This ensures students are not only healthy physically, emotionally and spiritually, but also academically. The Cambridge international curriculum sets a global standard for education, and is recognized by universities and employers worldwide. Our curriculum is flexible, challenging and inspiring. It is also culturally sensitive yet international in approach. Cambridge students develop an informed curiosity and a lasting passion for learning. They also gain the essential skills they need for success at university and in their future careers.

What is an international curriculum?

  • Over 10,000 schools in over 160 countries follow the Cambridge international curriculum
  • The curriculum is international in philosophy and approach, but can be tailored to local contexts
  • Cambridge students study for Cambridge international qualifications which are accepted and recognized around the world
  • Schools can also combine the Cambridge International curriculum with national curricula
  • Cambridge students moving between Cambridge schools can continue their studies following the same curriculum

The Cambridge Pathway – from primary through to pre-university

Cambridge Pathway students have the chance to acquire the knowledge and skills they need to achieve at school, university and beyond.

The four stages lead seamlessly from primary to secondary and pre-university years. Each stage builds on the learners’ development from the previous one, but can also be offered separately. Similarly, each syllabus adopts a ‘spiral’ approach, building on previous learning to help advance students study. Our curriculum reflects the latest thinking in each subject area, drawn from expert international research and consultation with schools.

There are annual programme fees for the Cambridge Primary and Cambridge Secondary & Advanced programmes.

Knowledge, understanding and higher order thinking skills

Cambridge programmes combine an emphasis on mastering subjects in depth with the development skills for study and work in the future. We value deep subject knowledge as well as the conceptual understanding that helps students make links between different aspects of a subject. We also encourage students to develop higher order thinking skills – problem solving, critical thinking, independent research, collaboration and presenting arguments. These are transferable skills that will last a lifetime, preparing students for their future lives. They also make learning enjoyable and rewarding.

Cambridge Global Perspectives

CPS is a unique, transformational programme that helps students at every stage of school education develop outstanding transferable skills, including critical thinking, research and collaboration. The programme is for students aged 5 to 19 years, leading seamlessly from Cambridge Primary through to Cambridge Advanced.

A unique feature of Cambridge Global Perspectives is the dedicated Online Learning area – free to schools that offer the subject.

Choice and flexibility for schools and students

Cambridge schools tailor the Cambridge international curriculum to their culture and ethos, and their students’ needs. We offer over 70 subjects at Cambridge IGCSE and Cambridge O Level, and over 55 subjects at Cambridge International AS & A Level. This allows Cambridge schools to build a curriculum which offers real choice – both of subject and subject combination.

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